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Scott Sanok is a UI / UX design and creative professional with over 15 years experience.

Scott Sanok's Bio:

Scott Sanok is a user experience and interface designer with a strong interest in business & lean thinking. My process: Understand the problem → Research existing solutions → Brainstorm ideas → Draw → Prototype → User Test → Improve (repeat) As a Senior UI / UX designer Scott Sanok is responsible for establishing and implementing UI and UX standards for a company's website and mobile products. My responsibilities include: - implemented and encouraged a human-centered design approach to designing medical websites and mobile applications - research, affinity mapping and consolidating data into a coherent design direction - persona research - the user experience (UX) design (including personas, user-flow, and paper and low-fidelity prototyping) - user interface (UI) design, including development of hi-fidelity prototypes

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Scott Sanok ✸ UX designer ✸ UI designer ✸ human-centered research, prototype, iterate, refine

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